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Miss Brow Academy – Microblading, Eyeliner & Lips Treatment Certification

Miss Brow Academy – Microblading, Eyeliner & Lips Treatment Certification

Everyone wants to look the best all the time. We go to work wearing the best of our outfits and aspire to have a great and impactful personality. The only thing we lack is time.

In this busy and demanding lifestyle, we have no time to spear for regular finished make-up. We only think about getting our make-up done when we have to get ready for a big party or a wedding. What if there’s permanent solution? What if you can be the one who is an expert in that permanent solution?

Microblading, eyeliner and lips treatment has become a very popular permanent make-up solution.

It gives your eyebrows, eyelashes and lips a fuller and natural look. It reduces the need to apply make-up to give them prominence. Being a natural and popular treatment, it has started to become very popular amongst not only the celebrities but also regular working women who want to enhance their features and make them look fuller. This makes it a great high-demand profession.

We at Miss Brow Permanent Makeup school  Rocklin provide students with a diverse range of permanent make up classes which makes it easier for you to offer variety of treatment options to your clients.

Why should you opt for these classes?

1.    Latest Techniques

Here, at Miss Brow Permanent MakeUp School Rocklin you get to learn the latest techniques of microblading, eyeliner and lips treatment from a team of certified experts who also continue with their schooling to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

2.    Students are a priority

A small student and expert ratio is maintained so that equal attention is given to all students. Every aspirant gets support from them throughout the span of their career.

3.    Certification

The microblading, eyeliner and lips treatment certification provided by Miss Brow Permanent MakeUp School Rocklin is your key to start your career in the field of permanent make up.

Whether you want to learn about microblading, ombre brows, lash extensions, or another valuable skill, we are here to make you the experts.

You can choose between a variety of courses-

1.    Microblading and Ombre Course

Our 3 days Microblading and Shading course includes client consultation and consent forms, eyebrow mapping/shaping technique, color and pigmentation selection, practice on live models etc.

2.    Lip liner and enhancement course

Our 2 day lip liner and enhancement course teaches you machine theory, needle Sizes and Usage, skin anatomy, lip designs and shapes, proper stretching techniques, aftercare and much more.

3.    Permanent eyeliner and lash enhancement course

             Our 2 day training course includes skin tone, color selection and color mix techniques along

             with Hands on practice on artificial skin and on a live model etc.

Followed by ombre brows and micro needling course etc.

Contact us at Miss Brow Permanent Make-Up Academy, Rocklin and get started with your journey of this great profession. Become experts with us and give your clients the best of your services. Because when you help someone look great, it shoots up their confidence and definitely makes a great difference!


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