2 DAY COURSE – $950

Eyelashes are one of the most noticeable features on a person’s face, which is why so many people turn to eyelash extensions to enhance their look. As you may or may not know, offering eyelash extensions is a challenging task that needs to be perfected before it is offered to customers. At Miss Brow Academy, our eyelash extension training is a great way to break into this market. With quality lash extension training from experts in the business, you’ll be able to hit the ground running. After an initial full set your clients are required to return every 2-3 weeks for a fill where their natural lashes have shed, creating a steady clientele.

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When you register and attend this course, you’ll receive –

  • Starter Kit

  • Training manual

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Live model

In your starter kit will be the following items –

  • 4 trays of eyelashes

  • 1 bottle of adhesive

  • 1 bottle of sealant

  • 1 bottle gel remover

  • 1 bottle primer

  • 1 straight isolation tweezer

  • 1 curved tweezer

  • practice mannequin head

  • practice lashes

  • eyelash wands

  • lip applicators

  • eye gel patches

  • roll of fabric tape

  • travel case

For your reference, this is a general outline of the course:

  • FAQS

  • Misconceptions

  • Kit overview and product knowledge

  • Lash Types

  • Adhesives

  • Natural lash growth

  • Reactions, Infections and Allergies

  • The consultation

  • Consent Forms

  • Retouched and Removals

  • Mannequin practice

  • Theory and Practical Exam

Tacking on Business

One of the most powerful concepts in business is the upsell. Basically, the idea is that you extract more value from each customer by selling them additional products beyond what they originally intended to buy. This is why grocery stores have various small items like gum and candy stocked right by the check stand – they want you to grab one or two more things on your way out. While you obviously aren’t going to do business that way in your salon, you can benefit from the same kind of thinking.

With eyelash extensions, you have the perfect opportunity to add another layer of service onto what you can sell. For instance, if you are focusing on microblading as your main service, you can feature lash extensions as an extra that someone may decide to come back and add after they have been happy with your first service. By going through our eyelash extension training, you will be able to sell more than if you only offered microblading and nothing else. Expanding into eyelashes with lash extension training is a simple and logical business step.

Miss Brow Academy provides a collection of various courses to help beauty professionals expand their offerings. With that said, we are not just for experienced pros – beginners are welcome, as well! We take pride in presenting information in a way that is accessible for all, so you can use our courses whether you have been in the business for decades or are just starting to think about this career path.

To register for your spot in an eyelash extension training class, please contact us right away. We have provided lash extension training to many individuals from throughout the area, includes cities such as: San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto, Hayward, Fremont, Santa Rosa, Sunnyvale, San Rafael, Redding, Salinas, Visalia, Chico, Eureka, Auburn, and more. Once you are finished with learning lash extensions, we have other classes you may enjoy such as microblading, Henna brow, eyeliner, and ombre brow. Don’t wait any longer to further your career – contact Miss Brow Academy right away!

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These classes run from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

• August 16th – August 17th
• September 6th – September 7th
• October 4th – October 5th
• November 1th – November 2nd
• December 6th – December 7th