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Microblading Course

Microblading Course

Wondering why Microblading is gaining such prominence? Why your competitors are gaining so much profit from permanent make-up solutions? 

Microblading as treatment has gained popularity in the last few years as it is one of the most attractive permanent make up solutions women are looking for. It gives their eyebrows that a desirable look makes them fuller by giving a definition that they have always dreamt of.

Whether it’s for the sole purpose of looking prettier or to hide sporadic hair growth, Microblading has become a go-to solution for all eyebrow problems. 


How taking a Microblading course can help make-up professionals?


1. The rise in demand, growth in business – After becoming a microblading certified professional by taking up the course from a popular microblading school, you open up more opportunities for yourself and the business to grow. Since the Microblading treatment is in such high demand, an expert in this treatment can only expect growth in business and a professional career.

2. Widens your portfolio – If you are a budding permanent make-up professional, a microblading course lets you widen your scope of services and lets you offer a wide variety to your customer.

3. Adds up to your qualifications – This accreditation helps you build your set of qualifications as a permanent make-up artist and adds up precision and advance level expertise to your skillset.


How to choose a perfect Microblading school?


1. A team of certified experts – Your microblading school should have a team of certified experts who can help you learn the micro-blading technique with precision.

2. Accreditation and Authenticity – It should be able to provide you with an accredited microblading certification that will be your license to add the microblading technique to the list of services and your skill-set.

3. Class routine and process – Make sure your microblading school has enough sessions for you to gain the level of confidence required to perform the technique.

4. Budget-friendly – The microblading course and the sessions should justify your budget and not go overboard.


We at Miss Brow Permanent Makeup school in Rocklin provide students with a diverse range of permanent make up classes which makes it easier for you to offer a variety of treatment options to your clients. 


Whether you want to learn about microbladingombre browslash extensions, or another valuable skill, we are here to make you the experts.


You can choose between a variety of courses-


1. Microblading and Ombre Course – Our 3 days Microblading and Shading course include client consultation and consent forms, eyebrow mapping/shaping technique, color and pigmentation selection, practice on live models, etc.


2. Lip liner and enhancement course – Our 2-day lip liner and enhancement course teach you machine theory, needle Sizes and Usage, skin anatomy, lip designs and shapes, proper stretching techniques, aftercare, and much more.


3. Permanent eyeliner and lash enhancement course – Our 2-day training course includes skin tone, colour selection and colour mix techniques along with Hands-on practice on artificial skin and on a live model etc.


Contact us at Miss Brow Permanent Make-Up Academy, get started with your journey of this great profession. Become experts with us and give your clients the best of your services. Because when you help someone look great, it shoots up their confidence and definitely makes a great difference!


How much can we earn in this Microblading service Business?


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