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What are Ombre Eyebrows?

What are Ombre Eyebrows?

There are multiple techniques becoming popular for eyebrow treatments these days which makes it a difficult choice for many of us who are thinking of going for a similar treatment. The simplest one is to go for Ombre eyebrows. It is a shading technique and is the most subtle one amongst the pool of many other eyebrow filling treatments and techniques. It serves the purpose completely and creates pixilated dots to mimic powderfilled brows with no harsh front or outline, becoming one of the best solutions for super thin eyebrows.

You can master this technique by getting sufficient and certified Ombre eyebrows training in santa rosa. It will help you make this a DIY technique and also make this a part of your professional portfolio to be able to serve your clients better. It’s growing popularity makes it a must for all aspiring permanent make up professionals to learn the skill super efficiently to give that chic look to your clients.Miss Brow Permanent Make-Up School, Rocklin can be your one stop for getting Ombre eyebrows training in santa rosa along with other permanent make up courses.

Why Ombre eyebrows training?

1.    Expand the list of services offered

Ombre eyebrows training is a perfect add on to the list of services you offer your client. It adds value to the whole permanent make up portfolio because of the increasing demand of fuller and natural eyebrow looks.

2.    Learn the difference

There is quite an overlap between microblading and ombre eyebrows. This training makes it easier for you to understand the difference and serve your clients as per their requirement and needs.

3.    Consistent Growth

Inclusion of Ombre eyebrows in your list of services proves that you are up to date with the popular techniques which ensures consistent growth in the market.

What does the Ombre Eyebrows training include?

The more subtle and simple the process, the more precision it requires.

A 2 day training course at Miss Brow Permanent Make-up Academy, Rocklin includes-

    Guidance from industry experts

    Correct use or application of various machines and tools

    Well-structured study module for the newcomers or budding professionals

    Significant knowledge of the applications and methods of this procedure

You get a handful of things as a part of your training-

    MU Machine



    Pigment Cups

    Micro Applicators

    Instruction Manual

    Client consultation along with consent form

    Setting up of your own station

    Eyebrow mapping and shaping techniques

    Color and pigment selection

    Free personal kit and machine

    One on one with the selected models

    Certificate for course completion

Our team of certified experts make you learn all the necessary and essential techniques of the training.

This makes your certification not just a certificate but a learning experience that helps you become the best amongst the group of aspiring permanent makeup professionals. Get in touch with us to know more details about the ombre eyebrows training program along with other course. Quick start your dream of becoming the best and a go to permanent make up professional today!

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