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Henna Brow Training – Step by Step Tutorials

Henna Brow Training – Step by Step Tutorials

People do a lot for their skin and hair. They even have a quite a few options to pamper themselves. Everyone advises them to keep themselves nourished from within for great skin and hair. What they rarely talk about is eyebrow care. Women definitely talk about how they want a perfect eyebrow look but never really care about finding out unconventional ways to get that look.

They are open to go for all kinds of eyebrow filling and shading techniques but still look for the best suitable option that not only looks natural but is a safe one too.

Henna Brow is a temporary solution to offer a natural and fuller eyebrow look. It’s a tinting technique that lasts for a couple of weeks, perfect for someone who is preparing for a big event. This technique helps in giving a depth to your eyebrows by casting a shadow using henna.

For budding professionals in the field of permanent make up solutions, other than learning microblading, Henna brow training is also a must. It helps you gain the trust of the clients who are not always looking for a permanent solution.

A step-by-step Tutorial to Henna Brow training-

1.    Pick your choice of Henna Brow color

You need to be very sure before choosing the color. It should be the most suitable to your skin tone.

2.    Cleanse your eyebrows

Before applying the color, you should ensure that your eyebrows are cleansed properly.

3.    Cover the area around the eyebrows

The process of applying the color should be handled with precision. The color should not be spilled to other areas around your eyebrows.

4.    Mix Henna powder with water

Fill one bag of the henna powder in a container or a small bowl. A metal dish is not advisable to use. Make a thick paste by mixing the powder with a few drops of water.

5.    Apply the thick Henna paste to your eyebrows

You can use the cotton bud applicator to apply the paste. You can also use eyebrow stencils to give that perfect shape of your choice. Leave the paste on your eyebrows for 10-15 minutes. Please note that the paste should not be left on your eyebrows for more than 15 minutes. The longer the exposure, the darker the result.

6.    Remove the Henna paste

Carefully remove the henna paste from your eyebrows using a dry cotton pad first and then apply a wet one to ensure complete removal. Please don’t accidently stain your face during the entire procedure.

7.    After Care

After care is the most important part after every procedure. Use any good trusted serum to apply on your henna tinted eyebrows and nourish them the way they deserve.

Henna Brow is a simple yet impactful process to give your clients the look the look they desire. Make sure it’s done with precision and care. We , at Miss Brow Permanent Make up Academy, are sure that your clients will love the end result.


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