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The Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Kelly Moore and I are coming together the 12th through 14th October which is breast cancer awareness month in her beautiful studio, Miss Brow Academy.

We are given the chance to work with three brave breast cancer survivors we are blessing them with Areola tattooing It is our wish that we give them back some of the femininity they may have lost during their painful journey of breast cancer and mastectomy.

Kelly and I don’t plan on stopping in the month of October this is something that we’ve talked about and we feel that it’s very important to give back to this community. We believe that we have been given a special gift and it is our pleasure to give back.

On those dates we plan to have supporter’s family members and artist celebrating these women’s journey we plan on having a pink antique fire truck come to the facility for some fun photo opportunities

Story about my Areola Tattooing:

After earning an art degree and a degree in biology and working in the medical field I had the chance to work in the wonderful world of art and build an eye for beauty and color and in the medical field I had the chance to view and work alongside well let’s just face it the worst of the worst in aesthetics. Deformity sickness death but also gain the appreciation of the human body and its forms.

In 2013 I witnessed the Areola Tattooing process and immediately fell in Love… This is where Art and Science collided for me. I educated myself not only in the art of tattooing but the aesthetics of mastectomies. I utilized every aspect of my life as a medical practitioner, artist, massage therapist and personal trainer. These Breast Cancer Warriors not only exude strength and beauty but Carey a message of Love and perseverance that’s absolutely beautiful and this is why I do what I do!!

Sincerely yours
Casey White

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