By now, you have probably heard countless good things about microblading – and most of them are true. This is an excellent permanent makeup option for countless individuals for a variety of reasons. Microblading can be used to provide clients with the eyebrows they have always dreamed of, and those brows will last well into the future.

With that said, microblading – like any other kind of beauty treatment – is not right for everyone. In this blog post, we’d like to discuss a few situations where microblading would not be the best option for a client or customer. Let’s get started!

Skin Condition Near the Eyebrow Area

If you are currently dealing with some kind of skin condition near your eyebrow area, you probably won’t be a good candidate for microblading at this time. It could be something as simple as a rash above your eye, or it could be a condition like shingles or eczema. Whatever the case, having a microblading treatment performed while you are dealing with this issue is not going to be a good plan. Hopefully, the skin condition will clear up with appropriate treatment and you may be able to have microblading performed later on.

Sunburned Face

The timing will not be right for a microblading treatment if you are currently dealing with a sunburn on your face. In fact, even if you have tanned recently, you may not be able to have a microblading treatment until more time has passed. If you are in doubt, contact your microblading professional and discuss your situation. You’ll need to work together with the makeup artist to determine when you can have the work done.

Allergy Issues

It should go without saying that those who may be allergic to the items used in the treatment will not be able to have microblading completed. That starts with the numbing agents that will be used to keep you comfortable during the treatment. Also, it includes the ink that is going to be used to create the new eyebrows, and the alcohol which may be present in that ink. Although microblading is a great way to get the eyebrows of your dreams, it is only one of several options to treat your eyebrows. If there are any potential allergy risks at play, skip microblading and choose another option that isn’t going to cause health trouble.

Pre Existing Tattoos

If you have a tattoo already in place in the area of your eyebrows, microblading probably won’t be a viable treatment option. With that said, it might be possible to have successful microblading completed if your previous tattoo is very light, so you can always discuss the matter with a permanent makeup artist to decide whether or not to proceed. The only reason to have microblading completed is to achieve a great look, and that isn’t going to happen if the previous tattoo is going to get in the way and lead to disappointing results.

Oily Skin

Is your skin very oily on a day to day basis? If you are naturally oily, microblading will probably not be your best option for new eyebrows. This is something that is a judgement call, as there is no specific line where someone becomes too oily for microblading. Rather, it will be up to the makeup professional and the client to work together to discuss the pros and cons of microblading as compared to other options. Keeping the goal of beautiful eyebrows in mind, it should be possible to settle on a plan that is going to leave the client with an eyebrow look that they can love day after day.

Not Looking for a Permanent Solution

This one might go without saying, but microblading is not a good choice for someone who doesn’t want permanent makeup applied to their face. While microblading treatment doesn’t last forever like a regular tattoo – you can expect to get between one and three years out of a treatment – it is a long-term solution to your eyebrow needs. An individual who is only looking for a short-term solution for something like a wedding or other special event will want to turn to another option for their eyebrows.

Uncomfortable with Needles

Despite the fact that the numbing agent used as part of the microblading process takes away almost all of the pain associated with the work, some people still aren’t comfortable with this kind of treatment. Before you decide to go ahead with microblading, think carefully about whether or not you will be comfortable with the process required to add this permanent makeup over your eyes. You don’t want to get halfway through the process only to decide that you just can’t go through with it all the way to the end. There is no shame in picking another option if microblading is just not for you.

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