The words ‘be your own boss’ certainly carry a lot of weight – and plenty of appeal. The idea of not having to report to anyone other than yourself is a wonderful thought for many, especially those who currently work for overbearing bosses that seem to pair high demands with low compensation. Working for yourself is not the right choice for everyone, but for some people, it is just about the only way to go.

You Need to Have Something to Offer

This is where it all starts. Business, on a very basic level, is about trading one thing of value for another. These days, our economy is based on money, so to do business you need to offer something valuable enough for others to want to give you some of their money. In this case, that ‘something’ is beauty treatments, such as microblading, ombre brows, etc. Without a service to offer, no one would have any motivation to give you their money.

If you have never before owned your own business, it helps to always think about things from the perspective of the consumer. Sure, as the business owner you are always going to think your offerings are great, but how do they look from the other side? Would you pay someone else for the services that you are offering? And if you did, would you be happy with the service that was provided in the end? Make sure what you are offering is a good value and something that would lead to satisfied customers and plenty of referral business.

Plenty of Variety

It’s going to be difficult to build an entire business on one service alone. So, for instance, let’s say that you have taken a microblading course and have developed your skills in that area nicely. That’s a great start! Unfortunately, it might not be quite enough to be your own boss on a full-time basis. What else can you do for clients? By adding other services, you can get more value from each client that you add, boosting your bottom line without requiring you to find additional customers. Also, if you have more services to offer, your chances of getting referrals goes up. If you do a great job microblading for one client, that client may recommend you to a friend or family member. That other individual may not happen to need microblading, but could use you for another service, depending on what you offer.

As you think about the various services you could provide to clients, remember that quality always needs to be your top priority. Yes, adding services is important, but only if those services are high-quality and will reflect well on your business. If you aren’t doing good work, it really won’t matter how many services you offer, because you won’t have any clients. Don’t make the mistake of adding one thing after the next to your list of offerings without actually being trained in those disciplines. This comes back to our previous discussion about value. Only offer something to a client that you are confident they will be happy with in the end.

Stay on Top of Everything

There are a lot of moving parts with any business, even if you are a sole proprietor with no employees to consider. For one thing, you will have taxes to pay, so you need to keep the financial side of your business organized to make sure everything is paid when it should be. There are also business licensing concerns to think about, as well as any safety requirements that must be satisfied. Yes, there is a lot to like about being your own boss, but taking this route also comes with some serious responsibilities. Only when you are organized enough to manage all of these responsibilities can you really allow your business to take off and grow.

Beyond the financial and legal side of things, you also need to be organized for the benefit of your clients. When starting out, you might think that it’s good enough to just write your appointments down in your personal planner. That may work for a while, but if your business grows, you’ll want to do better. Consider using a software designed for your kind of business, even if you have to pay a small fee for access. Missing appointments, or even being late, is a huge problem for someone trying to grow a business in the beauty industry. Organization is absolutely essential, and the sooner you can get organized, the sooner you can run your business like a true professional operation.

If you have the ambition necessary to be your own boss in the beauty industry, the sky is the limit. Of course, success is guaranteed to no one, and you will need to pick up plenty of skills and experiences along the way, but it’s an exciting journey. Miss Brow Beauty would love to be part of that journey, helping you grow your talents so you have something of value to offer to your clients. Our microblading courses, ombre brow courses, eyeliner courses, and many other educational opportunities can take your business to a new level. Thank you for considering Miss Brow Beauty, and let’s get started building your business!