For individuals who aren’t happy with their natural eyelash appearance, there are a couple of options. They can apply mascara in an effort to make their lashes look fuller and thicker, and that may work to a degree. However, that can be time intensive, and will only have limited effect. As another option, eyelash extensions can be used to completely change the look of the lashes day after day.
If you are interested in having eyelash extensions put in place, or if you would like to learn how to offer this service to others, we hope this blog post will get you started in the right direction.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

This is one of those cases when the name of the treatment tells you just about everything you need to know about what is offered. Eyelash extensions are just that – extensions for your natural eyelashes. If you aren’t happy with the length of your natural lashes, or if you feel like they would look better if they were fuller, going with extensions is a smart choice.

Can’t I Do This at Home?

Yes, it’s true that there are fake lashes you can use to extend your natural lashes all on your own. As you might imagine, however, the quality of such an approach is not going to compare to what you will get from a professional in an actual salon or studio. If you want lashes that look great and will stand the test of time, you will want to work with a qualified professional to have the work done.
The at-home option is just a strip of lashes that you glue to your lash line, which is never going to look very realistic. On the other hand, the extensions offered by a technician will be glued carefully on top of your natural lashes, and they will be customized for your needs. When working with a quality technician, you’ll come away with a result that looks great and will last for weeks.

Making a Plan

It’s important to work closely with the technician to plan how you would like your lashes to look once the extensions are in place. There are plenty of variables to keep in mind here, and this is definitely not a case where bigger is always better. Sure, long lashes might be great in some situations, but you need to decide what will look best on your face – and a good technician will be able to help you make that choice.

Among the decisions to make include the following –

• Length of the lashes. This is likely where the conversation will start. It might be tempting to reach for the longest lashes available, but that might not work well if you have naturally short lashes – they simply might not be able to support the weight of the extra-long lashes. Ultimately, it’s usually best to add a bit of length to your natural lashes without going too far.

• Density. How thick do you want to make your lashes? Using somewhere around 80 lashes will provide a nice improvement without being too dramatic. If you are looking to make a bolder statement, you may want to add as many as 120 lash extensions. It’s best to seek balance and a look that suits your natural appearance, so this is where working with an experienced technician can go a long way toward providing you with the right look.

• Curl. In addition to the length and thickness of your lashes, you will also need to decide what kind of curl you would like to feature. There are several curls available, and again, this choice will be largely based on what your natural lashes look like and how you can augment them successfully.

Limitations and Durability

There aren’t too many rules involved with wearing eyelash extensions, but you will need to know a few things. First, when you go for your appointment, be sure to avoid any makeup that morning, including mascara. You want to provide a clean slate on which the technician can work. Also, you want to keep your lashes dry for at least a day after the treatment has been completed. Don’t swim within the first 24 hours, for instance, and make sure to keep them dry if you do need to take a shower in that time. Even after the glue has dried and the extensions have set in place, it’s a good idea to avoid mascara. Applying and removing mascara can damage the glue and shorten the lifespan of your lash extensions.

Finally, how long should you expect the lash extensions to last? Most likely, you will get a few weeks out of each treatment before they start to fall off as your naturally lashes grow out and fall off themselves. This is a natural process, and you will need to keep up with a consistent schedule of having new extensions applied if you want to maintain the look going forward.

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