When someone is first diagnosed with breast cancer, a million different things will begin to race through their mind – all at the same time. It’s a life-changing event, to be sure, and there are far more questions than answers in the beginning.

Obviously, the primary concern after a breast cancer diagnosis is to beat the disease. Treatment options will be considered, and a plan will be assembled to attack this issue and defeat it. At the outset, cosmetic concerns will likely be far from the patients’ mind, and rightfully so. However, once the cancer has been eliminated and the patient can begin to think about life after breast cancer, dealing with some of the cosmetic byproducts of cancer treatments may become a priority.

Possibility of a Mastectomy

Many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer will undergo a mastectomy, while others will undergo a lumpectomy. In the case of a mastectomy, it’s possible that the nipple will be lost as part of the procedure. This might not seem like a big deal at the time, given the circumstances and the importance of the treatment, but many women find that they want to have their nipple restored once cancer treatments are in the rear-view mirror.

One possibility for restoration of the nipple is nipple reconstruction surgery, which is usually done as part of an overall breast reconstruction. This is a viable option for many patients but may not be right for everyone. In cases where the patient does not opt for nipple reconstruction surgery, a nipple tattoo may be an excellent alternative.

Less-Invasive Option

By the time a patient has made it all the way through various cancer treatments, she is probably pretty tired of being in a medical facility. Cancer treatment is notoriously difficult for even the toughest of individuals, so it is understandable that some women will desire a minimally-invasive option when working on nipple replacement.

A nipple reconstruction surgery can do an excellent job of replacing the nipple, but it still is a surgery. For those who don’t want to add yet another surgery to their agenda, going with a tattoo is a great way to restore the look of a natural nipple without going under the knife. After all, it’s likely that the patient has undergone a mastectomy and breast reconstruction by this point, so adding to that list is not very appealing.

It May Not Hurt

When the word ‘tattoo’ is thrown around, most people immediately think of the pain that can be associated with the application of ink. And, to be sure, tattoos do hurt to some degree in most cases. However, when it comes to a nipple tattoo after breast cancer treatment, pain may not be much of a problem.

Assuming the nipple tattoo is being applied to a breast that has been reconstructed, that breast may have little to no feeling as a result of the mastectomy. Nerves will have to be cut when the breast is removed initially, and the feeling is unlikely to return once reconstruction is completed. Therefore, when the tattoo is applied, it’s quite possible that the patient will feel almost nothing. Everyone is different, of course, so there are no guarantees that this will be a pain-free treatment. However, given the chances that little to no pain will be experienced, breast cancer survivors shouldn’t toss out the idea of a nipple tattoo simply because they are concerned about discomfort.

An Affordable Choice

Unfortunately, there are significant costs associated with facing a disease like breast cancer. Patients should be able to focus solely on their recovery, but that just isn’t how it works. The financial side of this battle plays a big role, and it can take a toll on families who are caring for a loved one.

Since those who have survived breast cancer are likely reeling from the many expenses that they faced, it makes sense that finding an affordable choice for nipple replacement would be attractive. Nipple tattoos, especially when compared to nipple reconstruction surgery, are quite affordable. Not only is the upfront cost modest, but there is no notable recovery time and patients should be able to return to work almost immediately. Less time away from the job means a reduction in lost income, which is another financial boost.

Regain Important Self-Esteem

It’s a huge victory to defeat breast cancer, and those who are survivors should hold their heads high and be proud of their perseverance in such a difficult time. Unfortunately, many who reach this point find themselves dealing with self-esteem issues, as they may no longer look like they once did. Every little step back toward their previous appearance is a big one, so something like a nipple tattoo is an important milestone. Even though the nipple is not a part of the body that is seen frequently by others, it will still help the individual feel closer to their previous self.

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