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It sounds so good to claim that now women don’t need to go through painful procedures every month to get their desired eyebrow shape. Well, this is not a new technique going viral, but a trend, many are attracted to follow. We invite you to microblading training Chico, where you will learn about the depth of the microblading procedure. This is the term going viral in the market and there are really few people who are experts in this field, hence we have taken the stance to prepare you for this new business opportunity, that will help you to make a name in this particular field.


Learning this microblading technique will add a feather to your cap of knowledge. As very few are there who know the roots of this technique, you can become the flag bearer of this technique and can have a good client base in the future as well. This technique requires a lot of hard work and precision, more than that teaching it, requires more knowledge and a good hold over the art form. Here at microblading training Chico, you will learn about this technique and practical knowledge to practice this art on your clients.


Under this microblading training Chico, students will learn about understanding different face shapes, skin textures, contouring, eyebrows relatively with nose shape, the shape of eyes, and most importantly understanding the client’s choice or need for a particular eyebrow shape. We have a series of professionals working here as trainers who will teach you via practical and theoretical curriculum. Also, the entire syllabus is curated with precision to impart in-depth knowledge about this art under cosmetology.


Once you have learned about the different face cuts, you are ready to learn about eyebrow mapping. It’s like giving the right architecture to the face and defining the shape properly. Then after it’s time to snake you learn about the microblading, which includes using the needle to add color and texture to your eyebrow shape to make it look more voluminous. It’s quite a tricky process that needs utmost precision because one wrong stroke and the entire eyebrow shape will be ruined. Here you will learn about stroking and defining the strands of eyebrows. This procedure is done with handheld tools and delicate needles.


You will learn about other important things under microblading training Chico, like this is a technical procedure, which carries the risk of infections if proper sterilization is not done. So not only the art form is taught, but how to manage the tools, maintenance of apparatus is also added into the curriculum. Needles used on clients are disposed of immediately, otherwise, there can be a risk of blood infections. You will learn about sterilization of tools used, cleaning of the hand apparatus, and many more.


Learning the art form is not what you need to make your name in the market, but you also need to have the right knowledge about the marketing gimmicks and how to counter the competitor’s moves, etc, our professionals will make you learn about these things so that you are the master of the art form and know how to manage and maintain your working space as well.


This technique of microblading has recently come into the market, hence not many have tried their hands in this, there is a long way to reach the saturation point, and that means time is enough for you to form the client belt for your business. Learning from the right school can make you win half of the battle because professional teaching also shares practical tips and tricks with students that really help students when they actually come in the market and practice their art on clients.


But before that at microblading training Chico, students are made to practice this art on live models, so that you can try your hand at this microblading technique. If students are not able to learn the technique under the due time of the course then they can avail of the free after classes to brush up their knowledge levels. Our batch sizes are really small to make sure the classes are intimate and students get enough time to interact with the class trainer.

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