The beauty industry has many different avenues for you to pursue a career, so it’s important to pick a path that you love and believe in. At Miss Brow Academy, we provide permanent makeup training to help aspiring professionals break into this part of the industry. Our permanent makeup school is a great way to get the information and experience you need to confidently serve clients. These 10 days fundamentaltraining with the inclusion of methods like Microneedling, lip enhancement, permanent eyeliner and brows. Timing of the classes are 10:00AM – 3:00 PM daily. Contact us right away to learn more about our many classes.

When you sign up for this comprehensive course, you’ll benefit from the following –

  • All the professional tips and tricks you need to be a trusted permanent makeup artist

    • Free makeup kit along with the required tools and machines
    • Lifetime support and guidance from our industry experts
  • One on one interactive session with the instructors for any query and detailing

  • Certification for the future career

  • Strong grip on methods like microblading 3D, ombre, lips enhancements, permanent eyeliner and eyelashes, and powder shading

  • Practice the techniques on live models for real-world experience

  • Learn about skin types, tones, and complexion, along with the right techniques to produce the proper tone and color

This classic course is for those who want to learn a broader range of techniques in the makeup industry. These classes allow our students to develop their own career in the permanent make up field upon completion. Our classes are broken down so that our students are allowed to study and understand each aspect of these methods properly. With the practical and theoretical test at the end, students can actually check their progress and improve it before stepping out in the real world. A certificate at the end will wrap up the course by indicating that students have understood the methods and are now ready to be the top in the makeup industry.

Building a Business

There are a couple of ways to approach your career in the makeup industry. On the one hand, you could choose to specialize in just one kind of work, such as microblading. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this kind of approach, it does limit you somewhat in how far you can grow your career. If you opt to take a bigger picture approach, you’ll be able to serve clients in many more ways. Those who are thinking of the bigger perspective are the ones who will be a good fit for this broad course.

Of course, you might not want to run your own business in this industry, and that’s okay. Even if you want to be an employee for another business so you can just practice your craft and leave the business worries alone when your shift is over, rounding out your skills is still a good idea. After all, what employer wouldn’t love to have a team member who can cover such a wide range of tasks with precision and high performance? If you can list a number of different beauty treatments on your resume, and you have the skills to back it up, you should find that you are an appealing choice for many in the industry.

Direct Instruction is Hugely Valuable

It’s hard to overestimate or overstate the value of learning directly from someone who is an expert in their particular field. That applies pretty much across the board, no matter what kind of business it is, but it’s certainly true in the beauty world. Getting direction one-on-one instruction and interaction with an experienced professional might be the jumpstart your career badly needs. One of the best things about the work we do at Miss Brow Academy is the fact that we get to directly impact so many careers – and we take that role very seriously. When you attend any of our courses, including the microneedling course, lash extensions course, hyaluron pen training course, and others, you will immediately notice our commitment and dedication to our work.

We draw students from all around the area, including cities such as these: San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto, Hayward, Fremont, Santa Rosa, Sunnyvale, San Rafael, Redding, Salinas, Visalia, Chico, Eureka, Auburn, and more. If you live in any of these locations, or any of the many other towns and communities, we would love to hear from you. The Miss Brow Academy permanent makeup school provides the permanent makeup training you need to develop a wide-ranging career in this exciting business.

permanent makeup school
permanent makeup training



These classes run from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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