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Welcome aboard!

We look forward to welcoming you into your upcoming permanent makeup course.

We will help you continue your growth and success by providing hands-on training with our expert staff of educators. Alongside other students, we'll teach you everything about permanent makeup application, including how much it costs, where to find clients for this type of business, what supplies are necessary for performing a professional job on your clientele; as well as how much time is required per appointment.

If you are starting a brand new business in the field and need help applying for your Body Art permit after completing our program, please feel free to contact us with any questions that arise; our team of Student Advisors would love nothing more than to assist you!

Please be on time to class and be appropriately dressed in black scrubs; we'll provide your live model and lunch every day, so all you need to do come ready to learn.

Course List

Microblading, Combination and Ombre Brow 3 Day Course $2500 Enroll Now
Vacuum Therapy Course 1 Day Class @ $975 Enroll Now
Microblading & Ombre 3 Day Course @ $2500 Enroll Now
Cavitation 1 Day Course @ $1800 Enroll Now
Areola Advanced Course 2 Days Course @ $1475 Enroll Now
BB Glow 1 Day Course @ $675 Enroll Now
Cupping Therapy Body and Face @ $675 Enroll Now
Microdermabrasion Course @ $675 Enroll Now
Tattoo Removal & Color Correction @ $675 Enroll Now

NOTE:The tuition balance will be due on the first day, so please remember to bring cash, if possible, for a 10% discount!

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