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Requires No Experience or Qualifications


Missbrow is a reputable business with a high degree of successful graduates in Microblading; furthermore, to continue our high level of graduates, Missbrow will continue to allow students to retake any Course for FREE!

We here at Missbrow understand that everyone learns at various paces and methods, so we revised the teaching curium and provided our students the one-on-one attention they deserve by maintaining our small intimate classes.

Upcoming Course Dates Listed Below 

May 20th, 2022

May 27th, 2022

June 3rd, 2022

June 10th, 2022

June 17th, 2022

June 24th, 2022

July 8th, 2022

July 15th, 2022

July 22nd, 2022

July 29th, 2022

August 5th, 2022

Non-Refundable Deposit

Don’t postpone any longer; sign up today to launch your own business and become your boss!! One of the many tremendous things about working with us is that you will have unlimited assistance from us long after the class has ended.


That’s right – once you are a student of ours, you are a student for life. We don’t care to simply put you through a course and then send you on your way, never to be listened to from again.


Our team truly cares about your success, and we want to support your career journey moving forward. Missbrow Academy aims to send you out into the world with everything you need to be successful – and plenty of our previous students would agree!

Microblading and Ombré Course Schedule:

Day 1

  • Esthetics & Regulations
  • Medical Questions & Contraindications
  • Understand the Depth to Create Hair Strokes to Enhance a Clients Natural Brows
  • Brow Symmetry and Facial Symmetry
  • Understanding Needle selections and Permanent Make-up Machine
  • Color theory and Pigment options with different Fitzpatrick's

Day 2

  • Brow Mapping Steps and hands-on practice
  • Blade Control, Angle & Stretching Techniques
  • Proper Tray Set-up
  • Touch-ups and Brow Corrections
  • Client Consultation and Consent forms
  • Color Correction
  • Procedure Steps and Room Set-up

Days 3

  • Microblading Demonstration
  • Live Models (with an instructor by your side the entire time!)
  • Student evaluation and Certificate

Microblading and Ombré Course Includes:

  • Client Consultation and Consent Forms
  • Permanent Makeup Machine
  • Eyebrow Mapping Tools
  • Microblading Hand Tools
  • Microblading Needles
  • Machine Needles
  • 100 Hour Certificate
  • 6 Month Online Access to Microblading & Ombre Course
  • Practice Latix Skin
  • Microblading In-depth Book
  • Pigment Cups
  • Pigment Tray


Why Choose MissBrowBeauty Academy

We are one of the top leading permanent makeup training centers in Northern California and have hundreds of satisfied customers, check out our 350+ reviews and call today to make an appointment.

Fully Certified Facility

3 Day Microblading and Ombre Course

Experienced Certified Trainers

3 Day Microblading and Ombre Course

NO Experience or Requirements to become Trained!

3 Day Microblading and Ombre Course
How to Become a Licensed Microblading Artist

Discover How to Build A 6 - Figure

Business in the Beauty Industry

After you pass your Blood born certification exam and finish your Microblading course, it’s time to get licensed with your Department of Health. You will have to check your local Health Department to obtain your Body Art Permit for their application process and requirements.

Remember, it takes a bit of time to get a new business off the ground, be patient. Invest in your online presence to bring in new clients, and make sure you have a great website to start building your market.



Microblading is an exceptionally rewarding calling, with a very high fulfillment of helping other people. To begin, some essential steps are:

1. Find out about Microblading as a profession:


2. Get prepared / trained at the right training facility:


3. Get your certificate:


4. Get your Body Art Permit from your local Health Department  county:

This is the last step, and it varies by state and county.

Microblading Training and Certification Near Me

The popularity of microblading and its successful client satisfaction rates have made it a go-to procedure for fuller and perfectly defined eyebrows. Every budding permanent makeup solution professionals seek to make the most of this trend and add the technique to the list of services they provide their clients.

To master the art and become an expert in microblading, all you need to do a microblading certification course from an excellent microblading school that helps you with the training and also provide accredited certification.

You need to learn the technique with the help of a great and one of the best microblading training Academy. The Academy should provide you with a microblading certification that can help you add the skill to your portfolio and service your clients with their requirements. This microblading certification also ensures that you are an expert and can deliver and perform the technique with great precision.

What should you find in your microblading school before getting a microblading certification

  • A team of certified experts

    Your microblading school should have a team of certified experts who can help you learn the microblading technique with precision.

  • Accreditation and Authenticity

    It should provide you with an accredited microblading certification that will be your license to add the microblading technique to the list of services and your skill-set.

  • Class routine and process

    Make sure your microblading school has enough sessions for you to gain the level of confidence required to perform the technique.

  • Budget-friendly

    The microblading course and the sessions should justify your budget and not go overboard.

If you are looking for microblading certification and training near me around Auburn, Rocklin, Salinas, Eureka, Visalia, Redding, Modesto, San Jose, etc., a one-stop and the way to go is Miss Brow permanent makeup academy. We not only fulfill the above criteria but also allow you to make use of the expertise and advice for a span of a lifetime.

What makes us different from other schools?

  • Reliable team of experts

    Our experts are the highest qualified and experienced professionals from the industry itself. They keep themselves evolved with the new trends, demands, and needs of the market to give our students the best training possible.

  • A varied range of courses offered

    MissBrow Permanent Makeup Academy is one of the best makeup academies you can opt for to get training in multiple permanent makeup courses, including ombre eyebrows, microblading, lip blushed, eyeliner, microblading, etc.

    Microblading Certificate

    We give all our students a certificate after the course is completed, and we are proud to mention that students who attend Missbrow Academy are recognized by  their expertise in the field.

  • Constant lifetime support-

    All our students are given lifetime support and guidance once they completed our program. We believe that the most important thing for us is our students and their careers.

  • Training Courses with no limit

    If you’re not confident in your skills after taking our courses, you have a chance to retake the course for FREE of charge until you gain the skills and experience you need to feel confident in your permanent makeup skills.

Apart from microblading, Missbrow, will assist you with a variety of other permanent makeup techniques and trainings to build a strong foundation by adding services like ombre eyebrows, microneedling, eyeliner, cavitation and eyelash treatment, lips, etc.

We are offering affordable microblading classes with all necessary lessons including detailed usage of equipment and aftercare. Adding this technique to your skill set will lead you to the path of growth. Whether you are a beginner or already an expert on permanent makeup solution, microblading is definitely going to add to your portfolio and make it even more impressive. For us, the most important thing is your professional growth and success.

We aim to work in small groups and deliver greater results. Our goal is to help each and every student receive quality education and guidance that is fruitful in their career prospect.

Get in touch with us today to enroll yourself in the microblading training and certification course at Missbrow permanent makeup academy and get ready to become the most sought after expert in the field of permanent makeup solutions. We have very limited spots, so make sure to enroll early and grab the chance to be the best in the industry.

Equipped for Success

One of the keys to successful microblading training is having all of the right equipment on hand for each class. We are well-stocked with everything you will need to learn all of the relevant microblading techniques. That includes practice skin, which is a rubber that you can work on while you are first getting comfortable with the microblading equipment.

Of course, having the right equipment is a good start, but it is really the instructors and their knowledge that you will be coming for above all else. There is no better way to learn this kind of skill that having the opportunity to work directly with people who are experienced in the industry. You will get to see them work, ask questions, and receive feedback on your own technique. If you are serious about offering excellent microblading treatment for your clients, learning straight from our experienced staff is the best way to go.

Learn About Microblading:

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetics tattoo, applied utilizing a method just like tattooing, however,  simply under the skin's surface.


Microblading as a profession

Microblading is an exceptionally worthwhile ambitious undertaking that is best-kept as a mystery and left in possession of the select specialists.

Regularly, they would pay anywhere in the range of $250 and $800.

The rundown of reasons can continue forever, yet here is a portion of the essential ones to help decide.

  • Microblading is unique and booming right now.
  • Even if you're new to this industry, you can pick up microblading in a couple of short weeks.
  • With ethical preparation and practice, you can start your business.
  • Building your customer base is possible within a timeframe by adding this service .
  • You can, without much of a stretch, form your microblading practice on the web and get more customers through different web-based media channels.
  • Details about microblading visit or contact us https://www.missbrowbeauty.com/microblading-training-and-certification/

Our Reviews - Your trust is our top concern

Based on many reviews from students and clients

Come as You Are

We want to make it perfectly clear that you do not need to have any previous experience in order to take this class. That is the whole point, after all – to teach you everything you need to know, from start to finish, in order to work as a microblading artist. As we are located in the state of California, what we teach here pertains to the rules and regulations of this state. Should you come from out of town and plan to return home to work as a microblading artist, it will be necessary to research the relevant rules in your area and proceed accordingly.

Prerequisites for this class include

  • Wearing black scrubs to class
  • Must wear indoor shoes during class
  • Hair needs to be tied back


Amy Ross
Amy Ross
06:14 05 Apr 22
I loved my experience at Miss Brow! They were so nice and professional! The studio is beautiful and comfortable. Everyone was so accommodating and welcoming. My eyebrows turned out amazing and is giving me a huge confidence boost.
Mallory Brina
Mallory Brina
23:16 20 Feb 22
Writing this on behalf of my friend who got her eyebrows micro bladed. She loves them and is so happy to have eyebrows! They look so natural. The placement is very symmetrical to her face and the color fits perfectly to her hair.
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith
04:29 20 Feb 22
I would recommend miss brow to all my family and friends. I originally only booked an appointment for my mother-in-law with Rasheen but I seen how her eyebrows turned out so perfect! I decided to go ahead and get it done and I am so satisfied with my eyebrows it’s a life-changing for me! I have always struggled with my eyebrows but now that struggle is gone because of Rasheen ! Thank you !
Crystal Harrison
Crystal Harrison
22:26 19 Feb 22
They did such a good job , painless and fast . They actually map out your face so that you have the correct shape that fits your face.thank you rasheen u did a beautiful job
Patricia Berlant
Patricia Berlant
17:13 09 Feb 22
My eye brow experience with Rasheen at Miss Brow Academy was exemplary! For both my initial and follow up appointments, Rasheen greeted me warmly at the door. She is professional, knowledgeable and kind; attentive and precise; and follows protocol to a tee. The spa is impeccable and maintains a classy aesthetic. My results are natural, yet flawless and I feel so confident and beautiful! Rasheen: you are an ARTIST!! Thank YOU and Miss Brow Academy!
Sabrina Cortes
Sabrina Cortes
00:20 06 Feb 22
Miss Brow (Rasheen) Is one of the best micro blading ladies that have ever performed services on me. She is very gentle and makes sure that you’re comfortable Through out the entire procedure. She’s Very professional and she will always recommend the best advice service for your face type. I highly recommend her. She is in Rockland and as well worth the drive coming from Sacramento oh wherever. Rasheen will make you feel comfortable throughout the whole entire procedure. She will get you in as quickly as possible and will give you any type of service she can provide. I also had eyeliner done with her which is amazing. The services’ last very long and it is well worth your time & $~ I was recommended by her through my roommate. And now my mom goes to her as well as three of my girlfriends. I highly recommend her.. You will be even more gorgeous than you are now❤️
shirin afshari
shirin afshari
03:19 11 Jan 22
This is my job after 3hours of training from these professional team that I had opportunity to go to best academy ever 🙏
Adel Osberry
Adel Osberry
04:35 03 Oct 21
I recently decided that I want to start my permanent make up journey and have been doing diligent research on reputable training courses. I chose Miss Brow Academy because they offered multiple training courses available at reasonable prices. They were very flexible with my start date, even when I had to reschedule a couple times due to unforeseen circumstances. So far, I’ve done the Lip Blush/Tint training and Brow course—and plan on signing up for more! All of the instructors are very knowledgeable in their craft and you can tell they genuinely want you to succeed. Thank you Rasheen, Kelly, and staff!! Can’t wait to work with you all again! -Adel
Gina samuseva
Gina samuseva
16:43 02 Oct 21
I'm very please with Miss Brow Academy and for the way they went above and beyond To make sure I was a satisfied customer. Thank you Miss Brow Academy for all that you've done
Brittany McQuigg
Brittany McQuigg
21:40 13 Sep 21
I scheduled to be a model for the students on 9/12/21. I came in and was greeted with such wonderful customer service. The experience from beginning to end was amazing. I felt like I was family there. They constantly asked if I needed anything. They made sure I was completely comfortable with the procedure, and made sure that it was exactly what I wanted. Very honest and down to earth people. Would definitely recommend!
loubna Fouad
loubna Fouad
03:04 12 Aug 21
A very nice and professional team. A clean and beautiful environment for work. I was very lucky to pick this specific school as I felt very confident after the class ended. I took microblading and Ombré class and these people made me love it even more!!! 😍😍 Thank you Rasheen, Q and Jessica for your dedication and patience!! Bless you All ❤❤❤
Stella A
Stella A
01:37 02 Aug 21
I LOVE my new eyebrows!! Very professional and detail oriented. If you need to boost your confidence and beauty level MissBrow is your solution.
elsa alvarez
elsa alvarez
20:29 24 Jul 21
They were so helpful with everything and very patient! I recommend Missbrow academy to everyone who wants to be in the beauty industry ☺️
Amber Mestas
Amber Mestas
15:13 21 Jul 21
I was lucky to be selected as a model for a student that was graduating from the brow program. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted and my information was taken down promptly. I was explained how the day would pan out and how the process works, I was also given an explanation of different types of brows and why the one I was getting (powder brows) would be best. I was offered water and snacks many times throughout the process to make sure I was prepared for the few hours of tattooing. The instructor, Q and the student took their time, made sure I was happy and comfortable every step of the way. For what was a very nerve-wracking idea of having a student tattoo you, the entire process that Miss Brow Academy has makes students and clients confident in their abilities and delivery of their end-results! I will be posting a follow-up review after my brows heal.
Hannah Kay
Hannah Kay
20:04 20 Jun 21
I took my class for microblading certification. It was very professional, the staff was very nice and friendly and I learned a lot. The training was very hands on. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to get into the business.
Saghar Pour
Saghar Pour
23:42 31 May 21
Best Academy, kind and respectful staff, Professional instructors, Clean and nice place.Love this academy
Faezeh Khalili
Faezeh Khalili
01:17 21 May 21
Best Academy ever. Hands downI’ll definitely come back to take more classes with amazing ladies at Missbrow
Zakia Jan
Zakia Jan
07:13 03 May 21
I had a wonderful experience getting my eyebrows done by Rashin. Everyone was very professional and passionate about their work. I would totally recommend Miss Brow Academy to those who would want to get their eyebrows done.— Zakia O
ziba zendehdel
ziba zendehdel
22:02 29 Apr 21
Rashin is awesome, very professional and she did great on my eyebrows. I really like it. My eyebrows are twins now not sisters! Unbelievable.!Thank you for your business .
Golnaz Shaniani
Golnaz Shaniani
14:41 28 Apr 21
I took all the permanent makeup classes a couple of weeks ago( Microblading lip blush eyeliner) at MissBrow with Rasheen Kellie Kyle and QAlways a quick response to my questions.They’re all fantastic instructors and very informativeThey walked through all the steps to get my permit, etcHands down, the best place to learn PMU in depth.
Carly Fleming
Carly Fleming
04:33 26 Apr 21
Got certified in 4 different classes here love it so much can’t wait to go back for more😍😍💓✨
Pao Yang
Pao Yang
07:26 18 Apr 21
My First time getting my eyebrows microbladed. Rashin was very professional and she is very good at what she does. She works with you to get what you want. I will come back for her service again and i recommend this business to everyone who wants to get their brows done.
Kristy “Kris” Serpa
Kristy “Kris” Serpa
16:59 13 Apr 21
Not only did I receive a service (combo brow by Rachin) which was amazing ! I attended the brow course learning three different styles of brows micro blading , ombré and 3D . The instructors are AWESOME ! “Q”, Rachin ,Kelly and Kylie were so great at not making you feel intimidated or scared ! I can’t say enough great things about them and honestly I was sad when our trading was over , which is why I am going back for the other classes they offer !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jennifer Veske
Jennifer Veske
01:59 09 Apr 21
I had the best experience and my eyebrows look amazing! Rashin is an amazing perfectionist and took the time to create the perfect shape and chose such a beautiful color that completely compliments my tone and hair color.
lida sharifi
lida sharifi
22:44 08 Apr 21
I got my eyebrows microbladed with Rashin a week ago and I love Love love them!!! Rashin shaped them better than I could have hoped for. She’s such a friendly person and the whole process was very comfortable too. It’s been a week since I got them done, and I am very happy with the way they turned out! It’s always lovely to hang with Rashin! Thank you girl!!!
Samira Saboor
Samira Saboor
02:44 31 Mar 21
I highly recommend this place due to having a pleasant experience with them. I did my eyebrows with Rasheen today. She is an amazing lady with good attitude. Thanks
patricia rodriguez
patricia rodriguez
02:07 25 Mar 21
I absolutely love 💘! RASHEEN!! SHE was perfect great conversation and very knowledgeable about what she does!!! I was very nervous but am glad I came here ! Would recommend to everyone
Elizabeth Abel
Elizabeth Abel
03:11 24 Mar 21
I got my eyeliner done by Rasheen today, and I am seriously impressed. I just recently discovered that permanent makeup existed, and the thought of waking up and not having to do eyeliner was super appealing. I'm glad I decided to go for it, and I'm glad I booked with Rasheen! She was very nice and obviously a perfectionist (which I appreciate when something permanent is happening to my face.) I would definitely recommend this place and Rasheen.
Beth A.
Beth A.
20:00 23 Mar 21
I got my eyeliner done by Rasheen today, and I am seriously impressed. I just recently discovered that permanent makeup existed, and the thought of waking...
Tjesca Alvares
Tjesca Alvares
03:35 20 Mar 21
Excellent experience; warm, friendly atmosphere with professionalism and pride and now I have perfect brows! 😉
Alysa McDonald
Alysa McDonald
17:51 18 Mar 21
This business is adorable! Also, very professional and relaxing. I went from having very thin sparse eyebrows and now they are perfect! I Couldn’t have asked for a better shape or experience. Highly recommend!
Jeannette Sandoval
Jeannette Sandoval
18:53 13 Mar 21
My Microblading/ombre training experience with Miss Brow Academy was excellent. They have a great team, everyone is helpful, friendly and supportive. The support even continues after your training is over. I highly recommend Miss Brow Academy. I feel that they really want to see you succeed!
Karissa Parra
Karissa Parra
01:40 11 Mar 21
Thank you to Rashin. Am so happy with my eye brows she really lovely best customer service. Best work experience ever
Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez
05:33 17 Feb 21
I just took my second course through Miss Brow Academy. I took a 3 day course which included MicroNeedling, Teeth Whitening, & Hya Pen. Such a great experience! I left excited and hopeful in reaching new clients with these services. The instructors are amazing. There are several hands on models for each class. All supplies needed to start giving this service to your clients are included in tuition costs and bags to take home. Also Miss Brow Acadamy is always there to ask questions and learn how to order needed supplies when you go home. Kelly, RaSheen, Kylee, & Q make you feel at home while providing a hands on learning environment. I will take another class with Miss Brow Academy in the future. I also plan on scheduling my next brow touch up with them. I have recommended and had 1 friend who attended their lash class and loved it. I travel about three hours to take classes at this academy and its well worth it!
Cherie San Miguel
Cherie San Miguel
19:47 16 Feb 21
Great team of trainers! Hands on coaching and an experience with a real model is so much better than virtual training! Especially for PMU Lips and Hya Pen!
Kelsey C.
Kelsey C.
20:45 14 Feb 21
Just took my second class at Miss Brow PMU and I have to say, best investment I've ever made. The teachers - Kellie, Rasheen, Q and Kylee are so talented...
Michelle H.
Michelle H.
09:25 26 Oct 20
I took the lip blush class this past weekend. I cant tell you how amazing Rashaeen and the rest of the artists were with me. I felt at home in their...
Yuree W.
Yuree W.
23:31 11 Oct 20
Omgoodness where to begin! So I was looking for training in Ombré brows and while searching the web I stumbled upon Miss Brow Academy. It was the best...
Kayla M.
Kayla M.
10:49 23 Mar 20
Invested in my future for the better by attending miss brow academy! Couldn't of made a better decision!! The instructors are amazing and have tons of...
J S.
J S.
10:45 23 Mar 20
Did my eyebrow training at miss brow and absolutely loved it. Staff was great, They definitely nowhat they were doing and are very educated! Will definitely...
Katie B.
Katie B.
14:10 02 Dec 19
I went to MissBrow last April to get my eyebrows done and was really happy with the service. They explained everything and the instructor was there the...
Melissa O.
Melissa O.
12:37 24 Sep 19
These are a unique collaborative group of instructors. I've modeled for students for lips, lashes, and brows with confidence there. They pay attention and...
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